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Music Private House FUJIGOKO.COM, has opened since January 2019.

It is located in the foot of Mt Fuji, which is world heritage site. The city is called Fujiyoshida, surrounded by the lush green nature and the Fuji five lakes. (Literally, this five lakes is called ‘FUJIGOKO’ ).

From the Travel & Creative Villa, it takes 10 minutes walk to well-known "Chureito Pagoda" ,where you can overlook Fujiyoshida city and picturesque landscape of Mt. Fuji with the Pagoda and cherry blossoms.

It takes 5 minutes walk to a convenience store, restaurants (bars) near Gekkoji station and the retrospective area, Nishiura, where a lot of the restaurants (bars) were lined up in the time of Showa era.

Please spend the blissful moment in the. Private house I am looking forward to seeing you.



*The private house can accommodate up to 9 people for rent. It is a lodging accommodation, suited for domestic and foreign travelers, for a solo-traveler, a couple and groups.
*How to book and accommodation fee, Please enter from [reservation] on the upper right of the screen and check from calendar.


[Music & Movies Life]JBL 7.2 ch sound system · large screen TV·120 inch projector.
Please connect your Apple device (MacBook, iPad, iPhone) to AppleTV, enjoy music and video for free on Netflix,YouTube,iTunes etc.

If you click the ‘facility’ button, detail information will pop up.


The private house is located in 3 minutes on foot from Fujikyuko Line GEKKOJI train station.